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High Quality Fabric

We have chosen the best quality fabric to summon your inner boss mode.

Wicked Designs

Wombats invoke the inner wild child, wild hair don't care, boss that we all know we are.


We are currently only shipping to the United States but hope to go international soon.

Wicked Wombat Apparel

Wicked Wombat is a family owned business run by husband and wife, Adam and Rachel. Adam hails from Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia, while Rachel is born and raised in the Midwest Great Lakes region of the USA. Our goal is to provide high quality, comfortable and stylish apparel.

We chose the wombat to represent our brand because we were inspired by the spirit of the wombat. Wombats are unique, determined, and tougher than meets the eye. We hope to embody that spirit in our business and products.

Our Amazing Team


Owner / Creative Head

Adam moved at a young age from Australia to the United States.  He brings a vast knowledge of expertise to Wicked Wombat Apparel.


Owner / Brand Designer

Rachel was born in the Midwest Great Lakes region and is the brain behind the scenes.  Her expertise in the fashion industry helps us achieve excellence.


Director of Design

Full of ideas and creativity, Marley plays a large role in the creative process.  She brings a fresh perspective to the table.  When she is not working you will find her out catching pokemon.


Professional Model

Nacho will overcome any challenge to produce stylish designs.

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